Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Alaska Highway Blog # 8

   Now I am in trouble.  I've been computerized for just over a month and suddenly fame has set in...or so it seems. Outside my family, friends and general circle of acquaintances, along comes "ar" from southern California who leaves a comment on my most recent blog. Is it possible this stuff I'm writing is available for the world to read? Wow!  Anyway, ar said some flattering things so he in fact, must be a nice guy.  Maybe I'll hear from again sometime. Whew! What a responsibility to my public. Of course I also received comment from Kristin, Evans, Teresa, and Michelle. But I expect them to say nice things because they ARE family and friends. So here goes. I'll try to "ring the bell" another time. Don't judge me too harshly.

   We dry camped last Wednesday night at Testa River Guest Ranch and Campground along with a new colt, Big Brown, and his mama. Archie runs the place and a generator powers the whole business. Primitive, but certainly enjoyable. Variety is good. Stopped an hour or so up the highway the next morning at Toad River for an omelet. Thousands of hats on display in the place. Later on in the afternoon it was break time at Coal River. The restaurant served up apple and bumbleberry pie...alamode, no less. Lynda insisted, so what could I do? Some folks from Kentucky joined us there. Small world.

   With few exceptions, road conditions were considerably better than expected. Because some of the work sites were watered down to control the dust, the equipment did get very muddy and dirty. Lots of yellow roadside signs with squiggly black lines on them. According to sweet Lynda, that's to let you know that snakes are ahead. She has a whole stockpile of thoughts like that. She told me that's the kind of stuff she used to teach to her 4th graders. I feel like I'm back in school all over again. Great entertainment!

   Thursday night it was the Downtown RV park in Watson Lake along with the infamous "Sign Post City." Tens of thousands of signs from everywhere around the world. The following morning at Rancheria it was another omelet. Do you see a pattern here? Of course breakfast is less expensive then dinner but very little is bargain-priced in Canada. Can't wait to get to Alaska where things will be cheap again.

   Along the way the Rocky mountain range ended with the Terminal mountains and the MacKenzie range kicked in.  After picking up a little more road mud and dirt(while Lynda was at the wheel) we rolled into the Pioneer RV Park at Whitehorse in the Yukon. We're still here.
Blew some "loonies" (Canadian dollars) and washed both vehicles. Had a little slide-out problem but the mechanic on duty was able to take care of it. There goes another day off of the trip. This is a neat town. There is the Fireweed book store, the fish ladder, galleries and museums. We went to a delightful church service this morning and we are going to the Follies tonight. Friday evening we had a lovely candlelight dinner in the Coach and last night it was very tasty sirloin tip followed by a time around the bonfire with new friends, one couple, fulltimers. Actually, we've met quite a few of those on this journey. We really decided to stay here an extra day so I could watch the NASCAR races and catch up on the world of motorsports.

   All is not well everywhere, however. One couple headed out of here yesterday in their very nice Allegro Bus and started home for Texas without ever going on into Alaska. Some emotional and other complications caused them to call an end to it all. He said he will put the RV on the market when they get home.  Life will never be a recreational vehicle. It will always be loving and meaningful relationships with those who mean the most to you. I hope those of you who are reading this feel richly blessed. We do!

From Louis L'Amour's "Conagher"
     "They like it strong out here. They say if you can't float a horseshoe on it the coffee is too weak."

   Tomorrow we are headed up the Klondike Highway (Rt. 2) to Dawson City. On Wednesday, it's over the Top of the World highway to Chicken, AK, and on down to Tok. Our mail should be there. Sweet Lynda is worried about the Top of the World. It's dirt and gravel and maybe mud. Perhaps we'll slide off that "hogback" and end up at the bottom of the mountain. If you do not hear from us again, you'll know what happened. (Just kidding)

   To our families scattered hither, thither, and yon, we love and miss you. Same goes for our friends all over the place.      

Until next time...on the road with Winston & Lynda



Michelle W. said...

Winston, you were famous long before you started blogging. You should be used to it by now!

Three cheers for Sweet Lynda taking her turns at the wheel. Sounds fun! Is it common in your RV culture for women to drive? Makes sense, since you're trying to make tracks. Do you need a CDL?

You don't have be in the Yukon or Klondike to appreciate good, strong coffee. We make it that way here in Medina, Ohio too. I'll take a double shot of Starbucks - yum!

ar said...

Actually I am a she, but it's okay.

Once again a great read, and I am living your trip, and enjoying greatly the way you write.
I read, read, and read, and then share with my husband all of the nice adventures that I read, he really enjoys listening (I think).

Keep having a great time, be careful on the road, and take lots of care of you and Lynda.

Until next read!
~ar in Southern, California

Angel said...

Hi Dad & Lynda! I miss you guys. I know that I never really see you anyway, but it's hard to not be able to pick up the phone and call (when I'm driving around, of course.) We are having our front walkway and steps replaced tomorrow with brick pavers, and the girls have dance recital this weekend. They are done with school next Thursday.

You should blog more often, and where's the pictures??

Love ya,