Wednesday, July 9, 2008

.....ON LEAVING ALASKA Blog # 15

   And the Lord, the Almighty Creator, the Man Above spoke to the heart, soul and mind of the weary, wandering traveler, saying, "Well my son, how have you enjoyed my enormous chunk of real estate far up in the northwest where the sun shines at midnight? Was it alright for me to show you the lovely Matanuska valley and glacier along the Glenallen highway the other day? And how about the cruise out on Prince William Sound last Sunday afternoon when you saw the whales, the sea otters and the eagles. Oh yes, and don't forget the puffins."

   The traveling man waited in stunned silence, seemingly at a total loss for words. He thought back to the other places visited on this exciting odyssey. Especially Homer and Denali. And what about that Moose that invaded wedding back at Wonder Lake?

   "You liked it when that moose and her calf showed up, didn't you?", said the Lord. "I thought it was a nice touch I added to the ceremony.  And didn't it bring you a special feeling yesterday when driving back up from Valdez over and through Thompson pass, past the Worthington glacier and up the gorgeous forty mile valley? I recall making that area especially breathtaking.

   The traveling man suddenly rediscovered his voice and a renewed energy. "It seems, O Lord", he said, "that the things I've appreciated most on this journey, besides the marvelous landscape of this state, have been the wonderful people I've met all along the way, the support of family, a wonder and warm-spirited companion with whom to share this precious time, and above all, a sense of your wonderful Presence mile after mile."

   And the Lord said, "As friends, I have enjoyed it all with you, and of course, we are not done yet, are we? My Presence will surely go with you the rest of the way, and eventually, right on into Eternity. No frost heaves in the roads there." (And God smiled) 

   The eyes of the traveling man were suddenly misty as he lifted his head and smiled back.

                                                         *          *          *          *          *

   Sweet Lynda and I are still in Alaska tonight just three miles from Canada. We camped in Tok again last night and picked up the mail before noon today before heading 85 miles through major road work to reach here. We loved Valdez for three days. Fishermen coming in to the campground there with their limit simply gave us an entire salmon filet for Monday night supper. Absolutely delicious. We also toured the Whitney museum there which was simply out of sight. We have been especially thankful for good health all along the way. Don and Maxine, five weeks in this state are not nearly enough. I know why you enjoyed it so much those many years ago.

   The sun is finally out after several days of rain. Sweetie Pie is fixing steaks for supper and tomorrow we head for Lake Laberge (Robert Service & Sam McGee). After that, one day out for a quick excursion to Skagway, then the long drive down through British Columbia to the Seattle area. What a wonderful journey.

Blessings to all . . . . . on the road with Winston And Lynda                          



Kristin said...

I love your story grandpa.

We made it up to Kentucky last night. It's too bad we don't get to see you guys, but I am glad that you are having such a great time on your trip!

We love you and miss you. :) :) And the baby is getting huge!

ar said...

Just by reading your blog, I don't want to leave Alaska.


Michelle W. said...

Hey! You're STILL a preacher. Nice...

I'm sad that this journey is nearly over but happy that it's all recorded here where we can re-read it any time!

Pictures would be nice.