Saturday, May 17, 2008

The best of the west...

I think I just sent a title all by itself. Oh well!

   At this early Saturday morning hour these bleary peepers  are gazing at the most glorious row of "ladies" ever created by the Almighty. These gorgeous beauties are clothed in all their best winter finery (snow) from top to bottom and are truly a sight for these aging eyes. When  I first saw the Grand Teton range in May of 2000 from the windshield of Ed & Peggy's motorhome I just about lost it. It was an extremely emotional moment. It still is! Even as I type this I seem to be trembling a bit...and it's not from old age. Such majesty, beauty, power and steadfastness. Just like the God who made them. Truly a feast for the weary and searching soul.

   It is 31 degrees this morning in this valley where we are camped just east of the mountains. The sun rises a bit earlier here. We had supper last night at Hatchet's Resort and Restaurant just down the road. Before that we washed the car, which was nearly beyond recognition from being pulled through the winter weather over the Bighorn mountains.

   Sweet Lynda seems to love Wyoming. She carries on and on and on about it. It's hard to disagree. The fifty mile drive from Cody to Yellowstone, along the Shoshone river, is truly a TRIPLE Scenic Byway. One of the very best. While filling up with fuel (ouch!) in Cody, we met a gentleman from Switzerland who is touring the country for a few weeks. Saw him again a little farther down the road at breakfast and talked with him a bit. As a travel agent, he has visited here many times and loves this country. We also talked with a delightful couple from England as well. They feel the same way. So do we. What a country!  Our breakfast break was at a place
called Pahaska Lodge, just before Yellowstone. The new lodge is nice but the original, built by Buffalo Bill in 1904, is still standing. Pahaska (long hair), was a nickname given to Buffalo Bill by his friends.                                          

   In Cody, we took time to check out the Buffalo Bill Historical Center which consists of five separate museums. Hundreds of guns, Plains Indians, Western art, etc. Also a fine gift shop. So well done and well worth the time. We were impressed.

   Met some folks yesterday from New Mexico who are also on their way to Alaska. Gave them our card. Maybe we'll see them again in Anchorage.   Tomorrow morning I reckon we'll worship here in the park. Hope to do lunch at the Old Faithful Inn on the western side of the lower loop in Yellowstone and then on up into Montana by late afternoon. 

   From Louie L'Amour and his book, "Jubal Sackett"
        "That is how I would remember my father. There was never a place he walked that was not  the better for his having passed. For every tree he cut down he planted two."

   You've got to love the Sackett series.

   It's now a bit passed 8am. The lovely ladies mentioned earlier are now standing at full stature in the bright morning sun. Lynda is anxious to get rolling. Much to see today. No time to waste.

   Whoever is reading this, We hope you have enjoyed sharing a little of the journey with us. 'Til next time.

Love & blessings....on the road with Winston & Lynda 


Kristin said...

Your trip sounds so lovely. I am so glad to hear all about it!

Teresa told me at breakfast this morning that she had a dream that our baby's name was -------. Guess what? She was right!! How crazy! I e-mailed daniel to ask him if I could go ahead and share the name, but I haven't heard back from him. I think he is visiting Macchu Picchu this weekend.

Sending lots of love!!


jdmcintosh said...

Lynda (hard for me to call you by your first name),
Mom gave me the address of your blog. Sounds like an amazing trip. I look forward to reading all about it. If you do a southern swing on your way back, feel free to stop by Austin and we'll show you some Texas hospitality. Ian (7) and Megan (2) are doing great and keeping us very busy. Take care and safe travels.

Jim McIntosh