Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Black Hills

   We have been parked at the Crazy Horse RV park, about a mile north of Custer, SD, since Sunday afternoon. There are several other units in the park as well. The couple next to us, Andy and Cathy, are from near Calgary, Alberta. They are full-timers and delightful people.

   We have enjoyed so much our time in this area, even though it's been chilly with a flurry of snow now and then. Had a cup of coffee this morning at a restaurant in town where all the "good old boys" hang out, shoot the breeze, and solve all the country's problems. If only they were in Washington everything would soon be taken care of and back to where it should be. The theme in the place was Betty Boop. Some of the more mature citizens reading this will remember her.

   The drive over the Needles highway this afternoon was beyond description with rare and unspeakable beauty, especially the eye of the needle and the neat tunnel that was a part of it.
We drove Iron Mountain road yesterday with it's Pig-tail bridges and rock-hewned tunnels, one of which, as you drive through, looks across the miles-long valley into the faces of George, Thom, Teddy and Abe,also hewed out of rock. Traveled the Custer State park Wildlife Loop yesterday and saw Bison/Buffalo, all over the place along with ten-zillion prairie dogs darting all over the place. Fascinating.

   Took Sweet Lynda down into Wind Cave for a seventy-five minute tour in the bowels of the earth. A constant 53 degrees.  The hundreds of steps went down, down, down. A very unique experience. Fortunately, the elevator at the end went up, up, up. This National park is very nice and well-kept.

   Also spent some time today at Mt. Rushmore. We can report that the presidents are doing ok. We had both been there before but it was again, as special as ever. A very patriotic moment. Had lunch there and Lynda decided to try a buffalo burger. She seemed to like it just fine. We topped it off with one over-sized scoop of praline/pecan ice cream. Superb.

  Tonight it was left-over beef stew and fruit salad. Lynda is finishing up the dishes and putting things away. I'm doing this blog and Bill O'Reilly is carrying on on TV. This has been a wonderful day for both of us and we are thankful.

   Ready for another Louie...ism? 

     "He who would see the far land must carry the far land in his heart. The heat, dust, and struggle are a part of it; these were what made the beauties worth having."

                                                                                         from: The Walking Drum

   Well, that's about it. Tomorrow we are off to check out the Devil's Tower in northeast Wyoming. Then it's on to Gillette, Buffalo, up over the Big Horn mountains and on to Cody. There's a SuperWalmart there. We can hardly wait.

...on the road...with Winston & Lynda



Teresa said...

Another riveting edition of The Adventures of Winston and Lynda! Thanks for taking us with you on your journey!

We are getting ready for our trip to Kazakhstan! We are a LOT overwhelmed and hope to get most of the things done we want to.

We love you!

Teresa, Evans and all the kids

Jamie said...

Hey Gramps! This is super cool! You are a magnetic writer! I couldn't help but feel right there beside you. Bravo. OH, and by the way, I know who Betty Boop is!

Josh and I are still giddy with stars in our eyes for each other. What a great grandson you have! I know that you a Lynda feel the same way. Our 3 years is coming up this July!

I wish you love and fun!