Monday, May 5, 2008

Indiana: ...Heading west

   We are supposedly on a vacation of sorts but today was very busy. After hanging out at Flying J near Stony Ridge last night we discovered about 5 am that  the generator would not start, the interior lights were dim and the air horn only operated on one "lung."  We headed over the Indiana east-west toll road, stopped for coffee and ended up at White Pigeon, just over the line in Michigan.  After doing maintenance on the leveling jacks, the technician "suggested" that the coach batteries were probably shot.
   Michiana RV was nearby on the north side of Elkhart.  In an earlier phone call  they said, "bring it on b y."  They quickly confirmed that the batteries needed to be replaced. That done, along with a new slideout switch and we were on  our way, relieved of a few hundred dollars of our sacred traveling funds.
   We are parked at the Elkhart campground.  The "techie" came by and replaced the slideout switch a second time because the slide was only half extended and wouldn't move.  "These are the times that try senior saints souls."
   After a brief nap and it was off to see the RV/MH museum a few miles away. These folks have gone way out of their way to build a first class facility with plenty of room for future expansion. We were impressed.
   We hooked up with Fred and Barb Paulus in Goshen for supper. They are a part of the Ohio camping club and absolutely delightful folks. We all enjoyed top-notch barbecue together followed by a little ice cream.  Talked so long we missed most of the "Dancing with the  stars"episode.  Tragedy!!!
   Tomorrow we intend to roll through downtown Chicago and on up to Elkhorn, Wisconsin to spend an evening with Gary and Harriette, friends we met at Pioneer Village in Ft. Myers, FL.
   This is our first shot at doing anything like a blog. Be patient with us. Don't know exactly how often we will update this.  Will just have to see how it goes.
   Just one more thing. It was wonderful to see the folks at Greensburg Church yesterday. You're the best. The pie was good too, Wilma.

More to all,

Winston and Lynda 



Kristin said...

YAY!! I am so happy you wrote a blog!! Thanks alot, because I just love reading it.

I'm sorry about your battery. At least it's all better now.

AND... I didn't know you guys were "dancing with the stars" fans! I've never seen it, but I think it's cute you guys like it.

Well Daniel should have gotten to Peru on Sunday but I haven't heard from him yet. I will let you guys know how he is doing once he is able to call. He took a camera so hopefully he will have lots of pictures, and when he gets back I will post them on my blog!

I love you!! -Kristin

Kristin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!! I meant to call you earlier but now it is too late. I hope it was a good one!

Teresa said...

NICE job on the blog, Dad and Lynda! I was enjoying reading every bit! You did a much better job than me, I've not blogged anything in ages!! Of course it is 11:00pm and I've not had dinner yet!
I'm thinking maybe your comment about my doing too much might need to sink in some. ;-)

I love you both, and wish we could have come along. Happy Birthday again!