Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Western Montana/Big Sky - Blog # 6

   Ya' see,...this ole guy in his nice Rexhall Aerbus pulled in next to me a couple of nights ago when I was parked at Flying J in Great Falls. He stepped out of his coach and I walked around and we said hi to each other.  After a moment I discovered that he too, was headed to Alaska from his home in New York.  I told him I was headed there as well and figured I'd better get at it now before I got much older.

   He said, "I'm 72"
   I said, "Me too."
   "My birthday's in May"
   "Mine too", I quickly replied, "The seventh.
   'Naw, you've got to be kidding", he laughed. "The 7th? That's mine. 5-7-36.
   "That' right", I said. "That's the day I was born, 5-7-36
   "Well I'll be", he said, shaking his head, "Isn't that something?"

   A few minutes later we parted and I thought to myself as I walked away, "Isn't life strange and ironic? Here we are, a couple of healthy, happy and handsome old buzzards, born on the same day, running around like a couple of loose chickens chasing our dreams."  Life doesn't get much better then this.  Is God good or what?

   We left the rv park in Gardiner , just out the north entrance of Yellowstone, on Monday morning and headed up US 89 through high hills and expansive and gorgeous valleys that made us both cry out in absolute delight and wonder. Lynda has now lost her heart to both Wyoming and Montana.  But that's alright. She has the great capacity to wrap her arms and heart around to much of this beautiful land, and she does it with such excitement. We are so blest to be able to make this voyage together.

   Yesterday morning, about half way between Great Falls and Glacier, we stopped at a roadside rest area for an hour or so, sat at the picnic table and had a bowl of  Wheat Chex, with banana, and just hung out for awhile. A state worker stopped by to check things out and to do the first mowing of the season so we talked with him for a spell. He said they grow a lot of barley in this part of the state.  We saw so many hugh grain fields encompassing thousands of acres. He was  so personable. We have come across so many folks like this. It is a nice side benefit.

   Arrived in St. Mary early yesterday(Tuesday) afternoon. It is sort of Nowheresville but has beauty beyond words. We are parked on the upper level of Johnson's RV park and straight out the windshield are the massive, and I do mean MASSIVE , mountains of Glacier National Park.  Last evening we drove a dozen or so miles back Many Glacier road in between these tremendous granite hills. Early this morning we headed a short distance up Going-to-the-Sun road and watched two herds of elk out for their time of grazing. What a delightful sight.

   A hard wind blew all  night and continues unabated. Picked up some  cold medicine at the general store. Nice green box of capsules. Opened it up a few minutes ago and a green powder came out all over the place. Whoops! Lime Jello. Wrong box.  They did look similar. Sweet Lynda made waffles and Pike Valley Farm sausage for breakfast. She just put chili in the crockpot for later. Now she's making muffins. What a wife!

   Hope the mail arrives today. We intend to head up into Canada to Calgary tomorrow. No phone service here. We're using this Wi-Fi courtesy of our neighbors next door. Until next time.

Love and blessings.....on the road with Winston & Lynda

P.S.  Lynda's grandson, Johnny B. slammed a home run the other night.   Way to GO!!!

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Teresa said...

Hi!!!! Mark and Evans are in the living room and I read them your blog (I must admit that I tried to use the "grampa voice")

They laughed hysterically! You do such a WONDERFUL job at these, Dad. I love you and I love reading them!

By the way, if you click on my name where it's underlined near this comment, it will take you to MY blog!

Love you both!!! tell "Sweet Lynda" I love her and miss her too. :)