Friday, May 9, 2008

T he Black [and now rainy] Hills

Hi friends and family - A friend  asked  Thursday about Murphy's Law - guess we had to test it as you will son read.  We had noticed a loud noise - one sounding like a motor fan which we got checked out Thursday by 2 or 3 different places.  It would be so helpful if  one dealer could identify the problem and have the parts ,  and be able to fix it.  Anyhow, the last place diagnosed it as the compressor for the horn needed to be replaced.  Being late in the day he could not get it overnighted for Friday [here's Winston to take over]

   We stayed at a nice campground Wednesday evening on the southside of Minneapolis and the next morning (yesterday) spent a few hours at the Mall of America. Interesting to say the least.
However, I get my fill of Malls and  shopping rather quickly. So it was on up I-94 toward ND. Lynda's paragraph above happened along the way. And as you might suspect, I am a driver who from time to time has need of a horn. Will try to get it repaired soon. I really didn't figure repairs in the budget. Will have to cut back a little somewhere.

   Big news today; Sweet Lynda  finally got behind the wheel of the motorcoach. About ten miles the first time and another 35 or so later. Had to pry her fingers from the wheel. She loves it. As for me, I'm a nervous wreck.

   Rolled through some lovely farmland today. Early in Minnesota, then about a hundred miles worth of southeast ND. Stopped for breakfast at the Hot Cakes cafe. Old barns and out-buildings long neglected and rusting machinery the same way dotted the landscape. Some of those structures were obviously very nice at one time. Farmers were planting in fields that were dry enough. Drove into  South Dakota from the north, then west on I-90. We are camped at Wall for the next two nights. Tomorrow, the Badlands, Wounded Knee Museum and more of Wall drugstore.  Ended the day awhile ago with a sundae from the local Dairy Queen. Wish you were here to share in the festivities.  

   Talked today on the phone to Evans, Everett & Cathy, Barb, Sherry and maybe another one or two I can't remember at the moment. At the moment it is raining hard upon the roof of this home on wheels but my lovely wife and I are warm, happy and content within these walls. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.     

Until next and blessings to all,                                

Winston  E. & Lynda T....on the road...


Kristin said...

I'm so glad to hear you guys are having a good time! I had an ultrasound on thursday and got to see the baby wiggling around. He was so little and beautiful! The ultrasound machine was very old so unfortunately It doesn't print pictures. I was excited to put one on my blog so you could see it. I got to hear his heartbeat too, and it sounds great-- nice and strong.

Good luck with the snow-- dad told me it was snowing the last time he talked to you!

I love you both!


Winston and Lynda said...

It's 6am on Sunday morning. Just sent another blog.Everything about the coming baby sounds exciting. Hope you enjoy your visit in KY

We love you all,

Grandpa a d Grandma